Flipping Houses for Rookies

Discover the secret methods I'm using to earn massive piles of cash By “flipping houses” without using my own money or credit! This method works in ANY economy, in any geographic location, and can be done by anyone, regardless of their credit or finances. Can You Really Earn A Six Figure Income? Is it possible to earn a six-figure income on a part time schedule? Find out what my students and I are doing without using our own money or credit to flip real estate! If you are looking to increase your income, or just simply take in huge extra chunks of cash, without working 80 hours per week, you are in the right place. What you will discover here and nowhere else on the Internet is a systematic and simple training system that anyone can implement to make money investing in real estate. I make it easy for you to learn and will even let you look over-my-shoulder, as I show you the steps to start flipping houses successfully. Just imagine yourself as a successful real estate investor: flipping houses, paying off chucks of debt, putting your kids through college while quickly building a retirement nest egg, and still having time to travel because you’re living life on your own terms. Is This Really Just All B.S.? You might be thinking this is all B.S. – just another make money scheme. But if you pass on this information and miss this opportunity, you’ll most likely be stuck working a job, with little or no hope of getting ahead, or getting out of debt, never having the chance to put the kids through college, or adequately fund your retirement account. Ask me how I know all of this . . . been there done that! But I learned how to get out of that rut and have the lifestyle most people only dream about. Find out more by going to
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Flipping Houses for Rookies



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Jun 27, 2016

In this episode Bill reveals to Pete (The Rookie) some very unusual ways to do marketing so that motivated sellers call you. It has been found from doing hundreds of calls that if you speak to too many non-motivated sellers they will steal your dreams and suck the life out of your hopes to buy a property. In this podcast Bill & Pete cover how to per-screen these time vampires out so you vet out the real flexible sellers who want to hear your offers and actually consider them. After all, you only need one of them to say yes to actually make a $10K, $20K, $30K or more of a profit. Note: The recording has some static in it about half way through. The information is too valuable for us not to share it with you. So please excuse the distractions.

Jun 6, 2016

In this podcast Bill the Deal Maker and Pete the Rookie go over the major difference between conventional real estate and creative real estate. And why you should use more creative real estate when buying and selling houses. Bill The Deal Maker goes over how and why he got into this very profitable business, and why he has succeeded for over 10 years. When you here these stories you too will have e better clue on how you to can buy real estate without using your money or credit!