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Dec 26, 2016

We seem to always talk about buying houses, how about selling them? Or, how about the seller you buy from? What are some of the barriers they have? We start off by talking about people's perception of a property. how it looks, how it feels, etc. Why is this? Bill covers this in detail. One of the things you need to know is - what is a dysfunctional house. And how you know it is dysfunctional. And why it stops your sale. Bill then goes over the main 14 ways a house doesn't sell. And why they are so important. After talking about it for a while you will realize that your sellers have these same problems. Which means now that you know it, can make much better offers. This episode is vital if you plan to sell any real estate anywhere!

Dec 19, 2016

On this episode we have guest speaker Michael Clallanan (former contractor turned flipper). First thing that gets covered is how to make good decisions and why this works so well. Then Bill does LIVE coaching with Michael on how to decide VS wanting. Here Bill goes over CTN (Criteria, Terms, Network) and how important this is for any successful professional real estate investor. Then Bill goes into "Be" "Do" "Have" and how it ties into your CTN. These two put together are AMAZING tools for your success. In fact, if not done your chances get drastically reduced! And why take this chance? We move on to cover how you can be certain you are a professional in the real estate profession whether you have done over 100 deals - or none. This all ties into how well you are able to present yourself when making offers nose to nose - toe to toe. And if this is your first offer you need to know how to handle yourself so it doesn't show as your first offer. And this episode you will know how to overcome this phenomena. At the end of the day (when done correctly) doing the things Bill talks about, you will be happy. Every time! This momentum is something that will build your passion and energy - every time! Remember, we are real estate guys, not professional sound guys. So please excuse the static.

Dec 12, 2016

In this episode you will get some of the most valuable part of the business. When making offers nose to nose - toe to toe you will need to build trust (fast). How do you do this. Do you let it just happen, or do you manufacture it? After doing over 3000 offers Bill has a system on how to do this. In this episode Bill reveals his little know secrets to getting sellers to trust him. Then Bill covers the exact questions he asks when someone calls him from his marketing efforts. These questions are all on one piece of paper. This way you can make smart decisions on who to go out to the house and make your presentation (or offers). Then Bill divulges some of the best sentences he has tested over and over again during his 3000 offers presented. In the example Bill & Pete use for roll playing Bill buys a $200K house for $240K and sells it for $240K and makes $84K. Listening to this show is worth just hearing this one thing. Lastly Bill covers the most important thing a seller wants from you and how you can deliver these couple of things so the seller stays stuck to you, not someone else. Doing these few things alone will increase your conversion rate from offers to buying property. Lastly, Bill covers how the seller actually makes the offer and Bill just decides whether or not to take the deal. All together backwards then the way most do it. In fact, it is so different that sellers LOVE it. It is the most comfortable way to buy houses from the seller. You must listen to this episode if you plan to make offers!

Dec 5, 2016

In this episode Bill & Pete cover what it is like out there when looking for junkers. "Junkers" of course means ugly houses, or houses that need renovations to be sold. In this episode you will learn how to negotiate and what to do if you are sitting in front of the seller (or owner) giving the offer. But what about if you want to use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service used by Realtors and banks) and you can't sit in front of the seller. But instead have a someone between you and the seller. The Realtor who could alter or influence you when making the correct offer. Bill covers how he has done this many, many, many times and got deals. Bill also goes over how he handles the repair cost without looking at the house, and deals with it once he has the deal. Doing it his way you will spend time the most valuable way to spend your time, making offers with motivated sellers. This is the only way you will buy houses; making offers to motivate sellers! Not every deal can be presented directly to the seller. With agents on the scene it is important to know you could end up playing the game you played when you were a kid "telephone" where you whisper in someones ear and they whisper in the person next to them. Around the circle the message goes until it comes back to you completely different then how it started. In this podcast you will find out how to deal with this so it doesn't happen to you. Lot's of good stuff hidden in this amazing 60 minutes!