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Discover the secret methods I'm using to earn massive piles of cash By “flipping houses” without using my own money or credit! This method works in ANY economy, in any geographic location, and can be done by anyone, regardless of their credit or finances. Can You Really Earn A Six Figure Income? Is it possible to earn a six-figure income on a part time schedule? Find out what my students and I are doing without using our own money or credit to flip real estate! If you are looking to increase your income, or just simply take in huge extra chunks of cash, without working 80 hours per week, you are in the right place. What you will discover here and nowhere else on the Internet is a systematic and simple training system that anyone can implement to make money investing in real estate. I make it easy for you to learn and will even let you look over-my-shoulder, as I show you the steps to start flipping houses successfully. Just imagine yourself as a successful real estate investor: flipping houses, paying off chucks of debt, putting your kids through college while quickly building a retirement nest egg, and still having time to travel because you’re living life on your own terms. Is This Really Just All B.S.? You might be thinking this is all B.S. – just another make money scheme. But if you pass on this information and miss this opportunity, you’ll most likely be stuck working a job, with little or no hope of getting ahead, or getting out of debt, never having the chance to put the kids through college, or adequately fund your retirement account. Ask me how I know all of this . . . been there done that! But I learned how to get out of that rut and have the lifestyle most people only dream about. Find out more by going to
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Sep 26, 2016

So many of us are running around in life trying to get ahead. Working, taking care of family, always something to do, right?

What is you were told you could do these ten steps and get yourself a BIG check for your time? Would you do it?

Well, here is your chance. This episode Bill (The Deal Maker) breaks down how you could actually buy a pretty house (one that doesn't need work) into 10 simple steps that you could follow and do.

Now I warn you, you should listen a few times to get it all straight. These 10 simple steps will get you from broke to profit in as much time as you can implement the doingness of the activity. See BIG money is made with motion. Money is an energy, which means it likes to move. So if you aren't moving with it, well quite frankly you just found out why you don't have more of it.

So get these 10 steps known and get out there and make it happen so you can attract some BIG checks yourself.

Pete (The Rookie) gets into it will Bill on how to do this. He makes sure Bill doesn't go over anyone's head with his practical experience. Bill understands it so well he sometimes goes a little too quick so you may miss something. Not with Pete around. He makes sure Bill doesn't do that. So this episode is the perfect gradient for those who want to make a BIG check or two.

Sep 19, 2016

When talking real estate most think of that BIG check they can deposit in a bank account and go hog wild with the "extra" money they just scored!

In this episode Bill (The Deal Maker) explains to Pete (The Rookie) why the cash deal are the least amount of profit when it comes to buying and selling property. In fact once you hear what Bill has to say about this . . . you may never want to do a rehab retail deal again.

It might come down to you thinking you are wasting your time on these low paying deals. I know Bill thinks that way. After culling through this information you will come to realize that rehabbing only has one profit center - buy low sell high!

How about if when you were making offers you were the highest offer. Think you could buy some houses then? And everyone around you would think you were nuts for paying too much. When in fact you were laughing all the way to the bank with profits other only dream of.

And, oh yeah, these deals are what other throw in the garbage. So there is very low competition, and plenty of deals to have. Nobody else wants them. Simple as that. And yet once you listen to these unheard of strategies, you too will want to go out there and start doing it!

Sep 12, 2016

How many times have you heard (or wondered) if this real estate game is a myth or a scam? You here these late night infomercials ranting and raving how you can make $20K to $100K with no money down. And they make it look as easy as grocery shopping once you are done with your workday, right?

Imagine if what you thought was a myth or a scam really turned out to be one of today's best kept secrets?

What I am talking about here is knowing the "nuts & bolts" of the industry so you too could get some of those BIG checks. Well, having bought and sold over 100 properties Bill (The Deal Maker) goes over some very fine points that the TV shows won't disclose because it isn't very "sexy!"

So if you are looking for very pragmatic (or practical) advice to buy and sell real estate, this episode will help you a lot. Bill (The Deal Maker) breaks things down so now matter what level you are at you can get some real jewels out of this only once recorded information.